New Staden Package Release: 1.4 (aka 2004.0)

James Bonfield jaykaybee at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Feb 16 07:19:24 EST 2004

(Also posted to bionet.software, but whenever I cross post my news seems 
to appear in neither place!)

Note the version number changes. V1.4 would have been known as 2004.0. 
However to ease the migration to an open CVS tree I decided to switch to 
using the same branch numbers as in CVS.

The latest binaries have been built for the following platforms ONLY:
Alpha/Tru64, i386/Linux and PPC/MacOSX. Source code is available too, so 
you can build on your own platform.

I would like to build for more (probably solaris and sgi), but currently 
I do not have the resources available to build the MS Windows version. 
Please feel free to volunteer if it is something you can help with.

Finally note that the documentation still needs updates. If and when 
this arrives it will be in the form of a new release (1.4.1), with any 
interim bug fixes.


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