Staden package training course

Gary Williams gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 7 10:07:56 EST 2004

The MRC is running a training course 'Sequencing Project Management
Using the Staden Package' at Cambridge University, UK
There are a limited number of places remaining.

The course is designed to provide an introduction to the use of the
latest version of programs produced by Rodger Staden's group for the
management of large-scale sequencing projects. 

The course is very practical.  Participants will be guided through
exercises during which they will process a substantial set of sequence
data obtained from an ABI automatic sequencing machine.  The output from
other makes of automatic sequencer can also be processed by these
programs, as can data generated by manual sequencing methods.  The
programs are suitable for both large and small-scale sequencing
projects.  Recent releases of the package contain novel methods for
automatic detection of point mutations by the analysis of ABI trace data

Participants are encouraged to bring along any pertinent data they might
have, there is usually time to discuss problems arising from particular
data sets as well as going through the standard exercises. 

	Cambridge, Cambridge University, UK

	03-04 June 2004

	235 Pounds (including VAT)

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