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Ruud Jalving ruud_jalving at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 8 04:03:46 EST 2003

yl8 at le.ac.uk (Yong Li) wrote in message news:<fa76f188.0309180347.5b82e6ea at posting.google.com>...
> Dear colleagues:
> I am new to Staden programm and now trying to learn it (Window
> version). My question is: is it possible to process ABI trace files
> directly using the Pregap4? I tried hard to do so but the program just
> cannot recognise the format. But if I convert the trace files with
> Trev into SCF format and it works OK. But, it is rather time-consuming
> though. If anyone there knows how to configure the modules in the
> Pregag4 to handle the ABI trace files directly, please help me.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Yong Li
> MRC Toxicology Unit
> University of Leicester
> Email: yl8 at le.ac.uk

Hello Yong Li,

There is a PDF-file with the Staden Package (Staden
Package\course\windows_docs\course_windows.pdf), it describes very
well how the package works and how you can work with ABI files. It has
many pages so it will take several hours to work through, but in the
end it might save you lot's of time.

But to solve your problem right now, did you select the Estimate Base
Accuracies module in pregap? This module will convert the ABI files
for you into a format GAP4 can work with.

I hope this will help you further,

Ruud Jalving
Department of Laboratory Animal Science
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht University

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