Contig editor resizing; a fix?

jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 11 07:17:51 EST 2003

When we upgraded the Tcl/Tk version for the 2002.0 release the resizing of the 
editor broke. It's never been ideal, but it's now just plain wrong. The editor 
resizing has always been a nightmare to get right, primarily due to the X size 
being under the control of the user and the Y size under the control of the
program [1].

I started looking into this and firstly removed the 'hack' we'd added to
workaround an apparent looping-bug in the earlier Tk releases. And 'lo, the
editor resizing now appears to work. (Tested on Unix with afterstep and kde
and on the mac, but not windows yet.)

So, if people want to test out the fix, edit
$STADENROOT/lib/gap/contig_editor.tcl and search for "Any-Configure". Comment
out that line and the 3 after it. Ie change them to:

#    bind $w <Any-Configure> { 
#       if {[winfo toplevel %W] == "%W"} { 
#           after 1000 {if {[winfo exists %W]} {wm geometry %W {}}} 
#       } 
#    } 

If you do play with this, please post back here or email me to say whether (or 
not) it works for you and which system and window manager you are using. It's
hard for us to test the huge variety of window managers (many of which are
often bugged themselves, such as the earlier Gnome WMs), so any testing you
can do is helpeful. If we do not receive bug reports due to this then the
change will be added to the next release.



[1] Incidently, do people have any strong feelings about this? We could change 
it so that both are under control of the user, but that extra flexibility
would mean either wasted blank space on the screen most of the time or a
requirement to use the Y-scrollbar much more often than we'd like. Your
opinions are always welcome...
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