Phred input/output in Pregap4 , Staden 2002.0

Edith Schlagenhauf ediths at botinst.unizh.ch
Fri Aug 1 03:13:38 EST 2003


I have not processed .SCF files coming from a LI-COR 4000
sequencer for a while (SCF v.3.0).

Thus I am surprised to see that apparently the .SCF files
are converted to .scf files by pregap4 before Phred processing.
According the documentation "pregap4 will automatically convert 
all input to SCF format first". My question: even if the input
is already in SCF format?

The two binary files .SCF and .scf differ slightly.

Any comments on that ? What happens in .SCF to .scf conversion?

Thanks very much,

Edith Schlagenhauf

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