Java versions of ZTR compression/decompression

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Fri Sep 20 05:33:38 EST 2002

In <3D888084.C0C30E94 at charlemont.com> Bob Handsaker <bob at charlemont.com> writes:
> I'm doing some work for the Whitehead Institute, and am interested
> in performing ZTR trace format compression/decompression in Java.
> Has anyone created pure Java versions of the io_lib routines or
> built a JNI interface on top of io_lib?

We do not have a java version of io_lib here, but someone involved with the
NCBI trace archive (Harley Gorrell I think) was working on a java trace viewer 
to handle ZTR.

ZTR ought to be doable in java as I deliberately made use of zlib for
compression, which has been ported to quite a few languages already. (I'd be
suprised if it's not in Java.)

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