Java versions of ZTR compression/decompression

Bob Handsaker bob at charlemont.com
Thu Sep 19 03:42:11 EST 2002

I'm doing some work for the Whitehead Institute, and am interested
in performing ZTR trace format compression/decompression in Java.
Has anyone created pure Java versions of the io_lib routines or
built a JNI interface on top of io_lib?

We want to do the compression/decompression on the fly and do not
want to have to use a separate process.  I'd also be interested in
any performance comparison numbers between a pure Java and JNI
approach.  If I can't find any, we will likely build our own version
of one or the other or both, if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Handsaker
Charlemont Software / MIT Whitehead Institute
email: bob at charlemont.com

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