Help with Staden: I get get_comment invalid argument error.

Mike Noren michael.noren at zoologi.su.se
Thu Jan 24 03:36:53 EST 2002

Replying to Mike Noren <mikemikemike at my-dejanews.com> :

>Just downloaded Staden 2001.0 for Windows. I've used Staden under
>linux some two years ago and remember a little, but much have changed.
>When I try to process my ABI files (which open fine in TREV), they
>seem to pass (PREGAP4 puts them in the PASSED list), but every module
>complains with this error message:
><module name>::run: couldn't execute "get_comment": invalid argument
>And GAP4 can't read the output

Solved it.
Staden for Windows apparently has a problem with spaces in the file
path. I got suspicious when I saw that it created a file c:\program,
so I uninstalled it, reinstalled it in c:\staden (rather than
c:\program files\staden package) and now it works. 
Possibly it gets confused by WinXP's version of the NTFS file system.

I've sent a bug report to Staden admin.

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