Increase Gas Mileage up to 27%

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Sun Nov 18 09:27:21 EST 2001

Increase Your Gas Mileage by up to 27%!

A simple device that easily snaps over your fuel line,
anyone can do it in under 10 minutes!!!!

* No TOOLS required! 
* Installs in seconds!
* Improves Power
* Maximizes Energy
* Improves Mileage 
* Improves Torque 
* Cleaner Engine 
* Smoother Engine 
* Reduces Emissions by 43% 
* Protects Catalytic Converters 
* Prevents Diesel Gelling 
* Improves Spark Plug Life 
* Maintenance Free
* Pays for Itself within 60 days!

Will Increase Your Gas Mileage by up to 27%!

GUARANTEED!!!!  Full refund directly to any consumer
who is not completely satisfied with the result within
(3) months from the date of purchase.

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