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HERE IS OUR NEXT EXPLOSIVE STOCK PICK at .23 cents per share!!!

WLFO Stock Pick!!  ( 23 cents per share )  --- $5 Billion Dollar housing project!

Wulf International LTD 
BUY AT $ 0.23
SELL TARGET $.80 - $1.00

SPECIAL ALERT (OTCBB: WLFO) Wulf International Ltd.
will partner 1 million low income homes project for the southern Philippines. 

Wulf International Ltd. (OTCBB: WLFO) Expects to Earn $277 Million in Net
Profits From Its Philippines Low-Income Housing Program
Financial projections show the Joint Venture between Wulf International and 
the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) are estimated at
$565 Million. Wulf holds 49% of the Joint Venture.
The houses were designed for Wulf by FSB/Texas of Fort Worth, Texas, 
to withstand the tropical environment, including typhoons and earthquakes, 
and will meet the needs of the 1 million families who have been pre-approved 
by the Government to purchase these new homes. The new 3-D panel 
system developed in Austria will be used also for medical clinics, schools, 
and other infrastructure in the new communities.
Wulf International is a 27-year-old firm that has operated successfully for 
many years in the United States before becoming involved in international 
projects. Wulf has about 7,000 shareholders worldwide, and a float of 
approximately 6 million freely tradable shares. Its stock is traded publicly 
on the OTC Bulletin Board market and is listed in Standard & Poor's. 

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We may liquidate our position at any time; before, during or after the
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Wulf International LTD 
SELL TARGET $.80 - $1.00

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