NCBI UniGene files

Francis Durst francis.durst at bota-ulpnospam.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Feb 5 12:46:25 EST 2001

In article <3A7E33B2.5A69F542 at staff.usyd.edu.au> Bill Blackhall <b.blackhall at staff.usyd.edu.au> writes:
>From: Bill Blackhall <b.blackhall at staff.usyd.edu.au>
>Subject: Re: NCBI UniGene files
>Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 16:01:38 +1100

>I've bee unable to find fasta2exp or any reference to it on either the
>Windows or the Linux versions of the package. I have, however, tried
>SeqVerter and find it easy to use and adequate for my needs. Thanks for
>the suggestions.

I am glad it works. The only grippe I have with the present version 
of Seqverter is that it truncates the first line in fasta files at 10 chars. 
So if you add any  comments after >name_of_seq you'll loose them.

However, an older version didn't do this trimming. If you ask them politely, 
(I did..) they'll even send you hte old version.


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