$2000 Weekly Possible Stuffing Envelopes at Home!!

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Tue Aug 21 01:23:50 EST 2001

$2000 Weekly Possible Stuffing Envelopes at Home!!
Guaranteed Home Paychecks!


Dear friend:

Here's your chance to earn extra money working at home by
becoming an active participant of our successful mailing
program. No more worries over inflation, recession, bills,
rising gasoline and other costs. If you are looking for easy
extra income to relieve financial pressures, you owe it to
yourself to investigate our offer. You will receive money
weekly for the envelopes you stuff as per our instructions.
There is no limit. Stuff as many as you wish.

designed especially for people with little or no business
experience and provides step-by-step instructions. 

We Need Home Mailers Today! 

As a mailer, your work will consist of stuffing circulars,
stamping, securing and sending them out as often as you can for
an immediate payment, as per our simple no-cost procuring
instructions. You will not be required to go through the hassle
of picking materials up at offices. All the materials will be
fully supplied and mailed directly to your home per your
request. We will show you exactly what to do with these
materials and how to do it according to our simple and easy

Work From Home! 

Part time or full time, at your own pace and convenience.
Just a few hours of your time can earn you a substantial amount of
money. One of the greatest benefits in this program is that it
gives you flexible hours and allows you to work right from your
own home , in your pajamas, even while watching TV! No more getting
up early in the morning and no more driving to get to work on a rainy
day, fighting traffic during rush hour! Everything you need will be 
mailed directly to your home, which saves you the hassle of picking
them up at offices. If you are reliable and can devote a few hours daily,
you are the kind of person we are looking for! You can get the whole
family to join in. We will show you how to boost your new income
as high as you wish! You will be shocked at how much money you
now have the opportunity to make! This work mainly consists of
securing envelopes through advertising and simple envelope
stuffing. You will not be required to do any selling, phone
soliciting or any other kind of personal contact. You can choose
your own hours, set your own pace... in other words = BE YOUR

To Apply Today go to:


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