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In article <l03020902b504f072f8f9@[]>, D.Wyllie at sheffield.ac.uk (David Wyllie) wrote:
> Red Hat are now shipping Linux 6, and machines with this installed are
> commercially available.
> Has anyone tried running GAP4 under this latest operating system.  The
> documentation says it works with 5.x
> Any advice would be gratefully received.
> Thank you
> David Wyllie
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I have noticed one problem with RH6.1 and Staden 1999.  It seems
that Staden kidnapps some of the TCL/TK libraries.  It has something to do with the
search path, I think.  Thus, when I ran a program the required some TCL/TK
files they wouldn't run.  I noticed it when I tried to run the drawing program Sketch.

To solve this problem I commented out the staden commands from
.bash_profiles, copied them to a file named .staden_init, then ran the 
command "source .staden_init" from a shell window.  Then I had to run all
 the Staden programs from that window.

I was told that this problem would be fixed in Staden 2000; however, it seems
that Staden 2000 won't run under Enlightenment which is the default for RH 6.1 
and 6.2.  It seems that the developers solution to this it to tell us to not run Enlightenment.
I sure hope that a patch is released sometime.

Otherwise, it runs perfectly and I would be lost without it.

Barrett Simms
wsimms at fas.harvard.edu

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