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  Subj Line:  Learn Financial Freedom Secrets From An Expert

   Dear Internet Friend's,

   As an attorney, I advise our clients on how to best increase 
   their personal wealth.  Once I realized the incredible demand
   of this valuable information, I started investigating and meeting 
   the people involved in money matters on the internet.  
   That was 3 years ago, and now I am working full time on the 
   Internet at home!  The truth is there are some dishonest people
   in this field offering service on the Internet.  There are also 
   some very competent, reputable, financial winners.  They are 
   set up correctly, been in business for a few years, have honest 
   owners, and are making great sums of money consistently.  
   I have studied how a company sets up to fail on purpose and 
   make it look like they had to shut down because of the law.  I 
   have also studied the successful ones and know who they are. 
   If you are interested in information on a wonderful Passive 
   program where the sky is the limit, we can truly help you.  Folks, 
   we are talking about a one-time out of pocket amount in the 
   neighborhood of $300.  
   If you really want to work at it, they also have a lucrative referral 
   program.  The work is done for you -- you just pay your share of 
   the advertising cost. What they do pays for the small advertising 
   amount over and over again.  You never do any work unless you 
   GET STARTED TODAY by filling out the entire form below and 
   FAX it or CALL it in to : 1-619-839-3624.  We are looking for 
   people who are serious about changing their lives.  The bottom 
   line is it's all about more freedom and security.

  One last thing:  We will email you all the information you need to get started 
   quickly and to begin receiving money as fast as possible.  Please note that
   this is the only email we will send you. 
   Best regards,

   The Global Team 

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   Print this order form.  Fill in this form then FAX it or CALL us at:                      
   (If you do not provide the information requested, you will not be contacted.) 
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    City, State, Zip:______________________________________
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