Staden install on LINUX!

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 27 05:16:36 EST 2000

In article <00012418490800.03622 at csaba.mtc.ki.se> root at csaba.mtc.ki.se (root) writes:
>I successfully downloaded the STADEN package from the official site. I managed
>to unpack it, with gunzip and tar. In the README file it says that I should run
>the INSTALL script. However, i do not have any INSTALL script anywhere. I am
>stuck here. As you can see I am quite new to LINUX. I would appreciate any
>walkthroughs of the install or any assistance.

Apologies, there is no install script for the ftp version. This is an
error on our part. For people who have received CDs the install script
does exist, but in reality all it does is copy the entire CD except
for unwanted binaries (for systems which you do not use).

To start running the package you will still need to set the STADENROOT
environment variable and source the $STADENROOT/staden.login or
$STADENROOT/staden.profile script. This simply sets up your PATH plus
a few other useful environment variables.

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