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James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Apr 4 04:17:19 EST 2000

Tim Cutts wrote:
> In article <8c29n0$kvo$1 at news.fas.harvard.edu>,
>  <wsimms at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> >
> >I was told that this problem would be fixed in Staden 2000; however, it seems
> >that Staden 2000 won't run under Enlightenment which is the default for RH 6.1
> >and 6.2.  It seems that the developers solution to this it to tell us to
> >not run Enlightenment.
> >I sure hope that a patch is released sometime.
> To be fair, if Staden 2000 runs fine under other window managers but not
> Enlightenment, then that sounds like a bug in Enlightenment, rather than
> in the Staden package.  Enlightenment is a very recent window manager,
> and still fairly buggy.  IMHO, Red Hat should not have made such a
> 'young' window manager the default.

To back this up, we identified this problem 2 days before making the
release and so we have not had time to look into the problem. I do not
whether the 1999 release worked with Enlightenment as I haven't checked.
certainly didn't wish to delay the release for this relatively minor

I strongly agree with Tim's comments above. Gap4 works on a large
variety of
window managers from multiple Unix vendors and even on MS Windows, yet
it fails
on Gnome and Elightenment. (I didn't try KDE with enlightenment.)

Given the fact that changing window managers in Gnome and then saving
setting seems not to work (ie lies the next time you login, claiming
that you
are running a different window manager than you really are), I have
faith in Gnome and/or Enlightenment. Besides, personally I've always
the default KDE setup.

Anyway, clearly my preferences are not the issue - people ought to be
able to
use whatever they wish. Hence please do pass on any suggestions as to
how I
may diagnose and resolve this fault. Does anyone know off hand whether
a newer version of Enlightenment than ships by default with RedHat 6.1?


PS. Sorry if this comes out looking funny - I'm posting using Netscape
for the
first time as apparently our aged "rn" setup has finally kicked the
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