Staden Tutorial?

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Sep 30 11:10:11 EST 1999

In article <lwSH3.740$Jg3.21171 at typhoon-sf.snfc21.pbi.net> "Richard Moore" <rmoore at itsa.ucsf.edu> writes:
>Hi, I've recently obtained the Staden CD and I'd like to get up and running
>as soon as possible. I've installed it (on an SGI) and there seem to be no
>problems. However I need some sort of tutorial. I have already gone through
>the Staden website and the CD but can find no CLEAR and READABLE tutorial.
>Can someone suggest a good "Getting started guide"? I'd go to the course but
>I'm in the San Francisco area and there are no courses here.

David Judge and myself give regular courses on the use of the sequence
assembly tools within the package. David also gives some tutorials on
other parts of the package.

The sequence assemble course notes are available online. Please look
in ftp://ftp.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/pub/staden/course/. Look at the README
file first, to see which files are the most appropriate for you to

Naturally reading through the course notes yourself isn't a real
substitute for the real thing, but it's a good start. Are there many
people in the San Franciso area in need of attending a course? If so,
and there's someone willing to do the course administration,
reinbursing our expenses, etc, then it's possible that we could be
persuaded to give a course there (depending largely on David's time-

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