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James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Fri Nov 12 10:44:28 EST 1999

In article <m.mitchell-ya02408000R1211991343000001 at news.lif.icnet.uk> m.mitchell at icrf.icnet.uk (Mike Mitchell) writes:
>In article <199911121219.NAA01775 at voyage.scinux.com>, linding at bigfoot.com
>(Rune Linding) wrote:
>> me too
>> this list SUX because the admin dosent know a thing about moderating
>> and setting up neccesary spam filters!!!!!
>This list is not a list, it is a parallel "hosting" of a UseNET newsgroup
>and an email list. A post to the email list goes to the ng and vice-versa.
>In addition the "group" is not moderated.

It was moderated for a while, by Tim Littlejohn. However even then the
moderation did not work. Judging by the fact that I'm sure Tim
wouldn't have deliberately forwarded any spam he received in email on
to the list, I have to conclude that the bionet setup was such that
emails to the mailing list were sent to the moderator, but postings to
the newsgroup are not.

Newsgroups can have moderator status, but everyone and his dog knows
how to bypass that, so ultimately there's little that can be done.

I suggest that the easiest way to improve signal to noise ratio is to go
to a pure mailing list only, or maybe to have a web hosted discussion

Of course the other way to improve signal to noise ratios is to
generate more signal... :-)


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