The next Staden Package release

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 11:56:21 EST 1999


We are in the process of putting together the next Staden Package distribution
and have a couple of questions regarding the operating systems we should
support. Remember that the CD will contain the binaries for all the supported
systems, but only for one version of each operating system.

The current distribution (May 1998.0) was built on the following operating
system versions:

Solaris 2.4
Digital Unix 3.0 (aka Digital OSF/1 3.0)
Irix 5.3
RedHat Linux 4.2

Most of these systems are very old and it would make things simpler for us if
we could update to more modern environments. The proposal for the next
release, which we hope to be putting together during February, would be to

Solaris 2.5
Digital Unix 4.0
Irix 5.3 (ie no change for Irix)
RedHat Linux 5.1

If you could please inform us which operating system release you are using
then this would help us greatly. On most systems the "uname -sr" command will
report the operating system name and version.

Additionally, if there is a desire for Solaris x86, we could produce a
version (for x86 2.6). Please respond if you would use Solaris x86. (Also if
there are other systems which you would really like the package for then do
please tell us.)


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