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Tired of your life? Depressed? So get a new one!
How To Create A New Identity

In as little as seven days you can have a new name, credit file, social
security number, picture ID, and any major credit card you like.  You can be
any age, gender, or race you wish.  You can become a different person in only
7 steps and 7 days.  

Sound too good to be true?  That's what we said until we discovered these
unbelievable easy proven steps.  

Fact From Fiction 

- The Picture ID is NOT a FAKE ID, it is a valid state ID just like anyone
- The Credit Card you can choose to get is NOT a fake card, its valid just
like everyone else. 
- This information is for 100% legitimate. It is not to be taken as a joke.  
- Is having two identities illegal?  Not at all! There are no laws against
having two names. 

The real question you have to ask yourself is how hard is it to become apart
of the United States?  Not every hard at all and it can be done in one phone
call and a little bit of following up.  We teach you step by step every
process you need to do and don't worry, there are no tests you must pass!
Without two weeks you will have a new identity able to do many things you
would not dare do on your real name.  

Best thing about having a new you is that you have PERFECT credit, you can
take a vaction and your newly found credit and never worry about the bills if
you don't want to.

Have you heard enough?  
Ready for us to release this information to you? 
We wanted EVERYONE to be able to afford this information but not overly
distributed.  Normal Price: $39.95 Introductory Price: $19.95! 

Send Your Order To:
K.C. Smith
10 East Louisiana
Evansville, IN 47711

For rush shipping include a self-addressed envelope.  Please PRINT your
address so we do not get it wrong and cause delay in your product.  For best
results write your address TWICE so we can make sure we get it right. 


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