Internet Marketing Starter Kit

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Internet Marketing Starter Kit 
An On-line Marketing Course 

Get your Business on the Internet NOW!!

Have you thought about starting your own Internet business? Do you like the
idea of working when you want and  from the comfort of your own home?  Tired
of driving to a job that offers no real hope of financial independence?  It's
time to stop making your boss rich and start reaping the incredible profits
that are being made every day on the Internet. 

There has never been a better time to start your own business. With the
Internet in it's infancy the future is very bright for on line marketing.
Getting a business on the web is easy, but you need the tools!  That's what I

The Internet Marketing Starter Kit is an online marketing course that provides
everything you need to get started.  It is different from any other marketing
report you have seen.  I walk you through each step you need to take to create
a successful on line business.  From making a web page, getting it hosted,
writing ad copy to advertising it and bringing in the dough. 

This course is the result of over 25 years of sales and marketing for
experience.  The past 3 1/2 years I have been on the Internet looking at ways
to make money.  I have used and a wide variety of marketing methods.  In the
end it all came down to this.  You can have a terrific product but if no one
knows about it you will never get any customers.  That's what on-line
marketing is all about, getting exposure for a product and making it easy for
the customer to buy from you, a  formula that is successful. 

All successful Internet businesses have a few things in common... a) a web
site b) a product  c) a way to sell the product and d) customers.  I show you
how each step of the way. 

This year more people will be buying goods and services on line that ever
before!  You can have a website selling your products NOW!  In this revealing,
step-by-step on-line marketing course... 

•You will learn how to get Internet Access for FREE. 
•You will learn how to create your own web site. 
•You will also learn where to get FREE software that makes it easy to publish
your own site within minutes without extensive on line experience or computer
programming knowledge. 
•You will learn how and where to have your website hosted absolutely free. 
•You will learn where to get bulk email software absolutely free and how to
use those programs to promote your business. 
•You will learn where and how to advertise your products on the Internet for
FREE! •You will learn how to create "killer" ad copy to turn the visitors to
your page into paying customers. 
•You will learn how to get full versions of thousands of popular software
titles so you can REALLY evaluate them before you buy. 
•You will learn how to accept credit cards on line for  your products with NO
for this course today and get on the fast track to profit on the Internet. 

Here is what some graduates of the course have said. 
I ordered the Internet Marketing Starter Kit 2 weeks ago.  After I finished
all the chapters and the web designing tutorial I published my website and
promoted it using the methods in the course.  I was thrilled when orders
started coming in for our diet products business. The first day we advertised
it I got three orders, the second day I got four.  This is great!  Thanks for
all your help.   

Mike Boles, Ridgefield, Conn. 

I especially liked the fact that I could accept credit cards at my website
the same day I signed up for the service.  I was turned down by my bank for
a merchant account and did not want to commit to a long term contract of $59
a month that another service wanted. I am also saving over $20 a month on
Internet access as I now get it free.  I was skeptical at first but I tried it
and its everything you claim.  The best $79 I ever spent! 

Sharon Ilkes, Hiawatha, Kansas
Don't pass up this opportunity to take advantage of this incredible offer.
When you order the Starter Kit you will receive the complete course in written
form and the course on a 3.5" diskette. You also get access to a password
protected web site where you can download the software you will need to
publish your web site and promote it. 

•Free Internet Access 
•Free Web Building Software 
•Free Web Hosting 
•Free Bulk Mail Software 
•Accept Credit Cards with.. 
  NO Monthly Fees! 
  NO Credit Check! 
  NO Sign-Up Fees! 
•Learn to write "killer" ad copy! 
•Advertise your web site for FREE! 
•Free Email Lists 
•Step-by-Step Instructions 
•Guaranteed to get Results!  

Order NOW and receive this special BONUS FREE!!! 

Order now and you will receive 250,000 fresh email addresses harvested from An
Online service within the last 30 days.  You will get a username and a
password to access the "E-List" from a secret web site with your Internet
Marketing Starter Kit.  That's not all!  I will personally provide 30 days of
marketing and technical support via email (I usually charge $90 per hour for
consulting services.)   

Hold on to your seat there's more! You also get more than 100 money making
business reports. These reports each tell you about a specific business that
you can start.. You can even go into business selling these reports! 


Product Name: Internet Marketing Starter Kit $39.95 
You will receive your Starter Kit by US mail.  The Kit Includes... 

•3.5" floppy disk containing the contents of the Marketing Course. 
•The complete course in written form. 
•Your Username and Password to access the on-line course. 


Your satisfaction guaranteed!  If this information is not everything I have
said it is and more, I will provide a complete refund.  Guaranteed to get
results!  I am so confident in the information I provide that if you are not
completely satisfied I will refund your money.   

You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it! 

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To order by mail send $39.95 plus $4.95 S&H total $44.90 check or money order
payable to: 

TC Schmidt, 4654 E. Ave S, Suite B-102, Palmdale, CA 93552 




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