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In article <jamei-1012981358300001 at marigold.ri.mgh.mcgill.ca> jamei at med.mcgill.ca (Jamie Engert) writes:
>   We are currently using Staden to build seq. contigs and are able to
>identify Alu sequences and have them highlighted in our contig. I would
>like to also highlight MERS and other repetitive seqs. I have downloaded
>repbase and can extract the seqs., but where should they go? In the Alu
>folder in the tables directory? Will i be able to idetify the type of
>repeat in the contig.  Any pointers appreciated.

Please see the latest Pregap4 distribution (URL below) as this
includes an interface to RepeatMasker, which is certainly a lot more
configurable than rep (or repe, which is the version you should be


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