Real Time talking thru the Internet like on a phone using software or hardware

Naum Burman Nick.B at worldnet.att.net
Sat Apr 18 14:04:16 EST 1998

Dear Friends,
	Yesterday I heard about a new program which uses software or hardware 
( i am not sure which one ).  So you can talk through the internet in real
time like on the phone.  You can also receive phone calls, send and receive
faxes.  And it costs about 
2 dollars per hour.  And I would like to know where I can find this type of
program and how much it works.
	Or if you know a program that is similar to the one described above.
	Thank you and awaiting your response with warm regards.  I would
appreciate if you would send responses to my e-mail address which is
Nick.B at worldnet.att.net.
								Julia Burman

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