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Victor Graziano vic at acdlabs.com
Wed Apr 15 15:37:21 EST 1998

Dear Colleague

	Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (ACD), a leader in Cheminformatics
software, has just released Protein Manager, the newest member of its
extensive software family.  This remarkable software package, coupled wit=
the Swissprot, Prosite, PDB, ACD Restriction Enzyme and (soon to follow) =
Regulatory Protein Databases, will dramatically accelerate peptide drug
	The primary functions of Protein Manager are protein analysis, data
management and data publishing.  Software operation is easy, simply load
candidate proteins into the Protein Manager 'protein workbook' and perfor=
m a
multitude of functions including:

-Isoelectric point determination
-Batch Phys-Chem property predictions
-Protein secondary structure prediction ( including Predator prediction
-Multiple protein alignment with consensus matching
-Enzymatic digestion of selected proteins (ACD enzyme database)
-Protein scale determination (hydrophobicity, polarity, bulkiness...)
-3D viewing of all available Protein Database (PDB) files

	Furthermore, proteins may be generated at random in Protein Manager, or
modified from existing protein files.  It's as easy as cut, copy and
pasting.  Please feel free to visit our web site and download a demo copy=
product video preview, both available March 31st and keep a lookout for G=
Manager expected to ship in the Fall.  Should you have any questions
regarding Protein Manager, please feel free to contact one of our
sales representatives.

ACD thanks you for your time and hopes you enjoy Protein Manager.

Victor Graziano B.Sc., M.Sc.
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
Marketing & Sales Manager (Biochemistry)
T:=A0(416) 368-3435
F:=A0(416) 368-5596
US & Canada: (800) 304-3988

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