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Tue Nov 25 03:56:18 EST 1997

Internet Wealth...

If you've tested the waters, you know there are fortunes 
to be made on the Internet. You also know there's more to 
it than most would have you believe.  It's not hard... you 
just have to know how and have the right tools and 
resources. We will provide you with  the tools, resources 
and contacts you must have to make money on the Internet.

With "Live" real time "Chat" and interactive "Forums", you 
will get the answer to ALL your Internet Marketing questions. 
Forum subjects include bulk email, top search engine listing,
 internet marketing, site design - layout and other subjects 
relating to making money on the Internet. You will get the 
answers that others spend weeks or months to get answered... 
if ever at all. Network with those making money with 
"Internet Marketing"... make deals... work on projects 
together,  the possibilities are endless! 

You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars 
utilizing the knowledge gained from these forums...GUARANTEED!
When you join... you will receive software currently being
sold on the Internet for much more than the membership 
cost... FREE!

You will also receive exclusive "Insider" reports on Bulk 
E-Mail (Insiders Guide to "Flame Free" Bulk E-Mail), Search 
Engines  (The updated version of The "Insiders" Guide to 
Search Engine Secrets). and others... FREE! 

You will also receive full reprint and resale rights to 
these "Insider" reports ... FREE! 

You will receive over 1,000,000 E-Mail addresses... FREE! 

You will have  access to our "Remove" and "Flamers" list...
FREE! (these are people you never want to send mail) 

You will receive Bulk E-Mail Software that sends your email anonymously... 
that harvests email addresses... that posts your message to thousands of
newsgroups, simultaneously... FREE! 

Check Fax/Phone Software that allows you to accept checks 
over the phone, fax or Internet.. FREE!   

How much would you have to pay for everything we are going 
to give you? The E-Mail addresses alone would cost you 

The "Bulk E-Mail" software... $79.00 to $199.00  The "Insider"
reports with reprint/resale rights... $100.00 plus! And the 

The forums alone are worth thousands of dollars! Don't miss 
out. You will receive the tools and resources you must have 
to make money on the Internet.

All this and more is available in the InsiderNet "Members 
Only" area now!   In addition to everything listed above... 
you can also make a substantial monthly income marketing 
our "Charter" and "Basic"  membership packages. Not only 
will you receive the tools and resources to make money on 
the Internet... you will also receive a complete,  turn 
key "Internet Marketing" business as well... FREE when you 
become a member of InsiderNet!!

Get started on the right road today...signup today at:

http://www.insidermall.com  - ID #1364.

Best Wishes,
Premier Marketing

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