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$$$$-MAN Dollars.Pounds at Usa.Net
Sun Nov 16 20:19:16 EST 1997

We at CyberNet are going to be the biggest
software- site on the net.
But we need your Help::::::::::::::::::::::
So please send us and check or cash......
Just an little .
A lot of people is going to have fun
with your money,including YOU.
When our software-section is
online we will have every thing
that you want,and if we don´t have
the software you want you only have to send
us an letter.
Mail the money to
Felix Olin
Karlaplan 14
11520 Stockholm
Our current new uppdating address
is : rampage.ml.org/users/~Hajas17
and you can email us too this addresses
: cyber-links at usa.net
: dollars.pounds at usa.net
or zion.11 at mailexcite.com.
Fred Walkers

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