project size

A. Torres torres at post.uv.es
Tue Jul 15 09:14:31 EST 1997


I´ve been working with the staden package for a while ana after very much
pain and suffering I´m now able of managing my sequencing project, which is
a really big one.
My problem is that the total contig length of the project is now bigger
than 100 kb and the program refuses to add any more gel readings to it.
I´ve read at the user´s guide that I can change the dafaults of the program
with the maxdb and maxseq commands, but I do not know how and where to use
them, I tried several things, but it is obvious I did not do it properly.

Does anybody there know how to change the default project´s size of the

I´ll be very grateful if i can get any help.
Cheers from Valencia (Spain)


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