extract_seq - is it broken?

Andy Law Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 07:41:19 EST 1997

I can't seem to get extract_seq to take notice of the CS tags when
specifying the -good_only option. It just ignores them completely. Gap4
seems to ignore them too on occasion.

I have several sequences that contain multiple inserts. I can tell by
restriction site analysis where the joins are between insert. I want to be
able to enter different inserts individually into a project, so I figured I
would write a script to duplicate a given .exp file, changing the reading
names slightly and masking out the unwanted bits of sequence with a fake CS
line. It doesn't seem to work. Any clues anyone?


Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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