ABI 377 vs. 3.0 trace file display problems on trev

Andy Law Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Apr 11 03:48:17 EST 1997

In article <334D9DCB.4399 at genesis.co.nz>, i.havukkala at genesis.co.nz wrote:

 >  They appear at random in different gels, from four sequencers, and occur
 >  in three flavours:
 >  1) electropherograms which show gibberish characters above the traces in
 >  trev.

Yep. I've got some of these. Often the sequence display begins with an
ampersand or some other peculiar character.

 >  2) electropherograms which show only one colour of traces, sequence
 >  above is ok

Nope. Never seen that one.

 >  3) electropherograms which show sequence ok, but get gradually out of
 >  alignment from the trace peaks, at 300 bp plus already 3-5 basepairs.

Yep. Seen these as well.

As to James' comment about the difference in display between Mac and Sun,
we generally use MacX (version 1.2) for our display. I think we get the
same problem with the X-server built in to MachTen (since I know I've seen
it on my machine and that's the server I *usually* use), but I could be
wrong. I'll check it next time I see it.

One thing that I think is causing a problem and that we are working on
testing -  does anyone else tar their files before transferring up to the
UNIX system? We used to (using a program called tarmac), but I think it
trashes ABI files in some subtle way. (That's why I haven't sent you those
files I mentioned previously, James).

Anyone else want to comment?

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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