ABI 377 vs. 3.0 trace file display problems on trev

Ilkka Havukkala i.havukkala at genesis.co.nz
Thu Apr 10 21:16:31 EST 1997

Dear all,
recently we have seen increased amounts of trace files that display ok
on the ABI software (for 377, vs. 3.0), but on STADEN in trev display
with problems. STADEN version is 1996.1. (Will soon try vs. 1996.2 to
see if the problems persist there.)

They appear at random in different gels, from four sequencers, and occur
in three flavours:

1) electropherograms which show gibberish characters above the traces in
2) electropherograms which show only one colour of traces, sequence
above is ok
3) electropherograms which show sequence ok, but get gradually out of
alignment from the trace peaks, at 300 bp plus already 3-5 basepairs.

Redoing FTP from ABI-connected Mac to unix and reopening with trev does
not cure this. There is now difference in the MacX X-windows displays
and the native Sun unix X-windows displays in this respect.

Anybody else seen these problems? Any cures?

Ilkka Havukkala
i.havukkala at genesis.co.nz
Genesis R&D Ltd
Auckland, NZ

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