gap4-aditionning sequences to an existing database

Laureane mittaz at medsun.unige.ch
Wed Sep 25 12:10:50 EST 1996


We have some problems using the gap4 program..and one of them is:
We have tried to find in the program manuel how to add a sequence to a 
database that already exists, without success!...We have already put 
several sequences together to make a contig, but we now would like to add 
one or more sequences to it. If someone knows how to do it...

Something else we would like to do is to add a sequence that has not a 
chromatograph but only the text..

THANK YOU for helping us!!

Lauréane Mittaz
Division of Medical Genetics
University of Geneva Medical School
1 rue Michel Servet
1211 Geneva 4

Ph:  (+41 22) 702 5719
Fax: (+41 22) 702 5706
email: mittaz at medsun.unige.ch

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