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Adrian Jenkins ajenkins at nibsc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 17 03:52:48 EST 1996

Donald Nierlich wrote:
> It has been three years since our systems manager updated our Staden
> Suite.  As one user, I use mainly NIP,including its Pattern and Motif
> subroutines, and sometimes MEP.  We run the programs under VMS on a 
> Vax 4000.
> In what areas have there been significant advances?  Should we update
> our VAX package or use another platform (we also have a Dec alpha Unix
> workstation available, as well as PCs and Macs).
> Is there a recent review-type publication?
> How does one get the programs currently--for use in a University
> setting.
> Thanks.
> Don Nierlich
> donn at microbio.lifesci.ucla.edu

As far as i am aware, the main area of improvment has been in the
sequence/contig asssembly programs, in particular on i-useing data from
auto sequencers and ii-a nice window (x-window) user firendly interface.

Thats not to say improvments to nip etc hsave not taken place.

for information, try the web site at:


for correspondance, you need to gfet in touch with  
James Bonfield (jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk).

I hope this helps




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