Staden for Mac/PC?

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 3 08:44:41 EST 1996

[Sorry to post this again to those who've already read it in bionet.software -
I accidently missed this group off the list of groups.]

Following on from Don Gilbert's question on sequencing packages and Howard
Cash's followup (SEQUENCHER FOR UNIX? WHY?), this has led me to wonder about
the role of the Staden package for other platforms.

It would be possible (theoretically) to run the recent sections of the package
(including the assembly program) natively on both PCs and Macs due to the use
of Tk for the interface. We have tested this for some of the simpler programs
under Windows 95 with reasonable success. However we obviously can't afford to
spend time on this unless it's really desired.

So, to continue the questions, would people like to see our more recent
programs (Gap4, Trev, and Sip4) running on a PC? On a Mac? How about a Linux
port too?

What factors influence the choice of program? (I'm sure Howard Cash would love
to know the answer to this too :-).) Is the platform the program runs on as
important as the abilities of the program itself (within reason naturally).
If so, what really _is_ the platform of choice.

Please do respond as the answers to some of these questions will surely help
many more developers than us, and hence improve the software quality for


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