Using gap to align sequences.

Rifat Hamoudi rifat at icr.ac.uk
Wed Aug 21 12:11:13 EST 1996

	Does anyone know if 

1) it is possible to use gap to align 
the whole of the consensus sequence to a sequence in the database.
I am having trouble using the Align algorithm because it does not seem 
to align the whole of the sequence.

2) Also is it possible to use gap to take in ABI files without having to
 convert them to scf or exp files, since having ABI and other file 
formats takes up alot of disk space.

3) If you have more than 36 sequences in a single contig is there a way 
that you could scroll down to look at your sequences or is the only way 
of doing this is to get a 17 or 20" screen?

4) When you use VEPE to screen against a vector, can you get a 
chromatogram with the vector sequence left out and just your internal 
sequence in a separate chromatogram.


rifat at icr.ac.uk

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