makeSCF -abi ABI <tracefile> core dumping...

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Aug 14 02:47:44 EST 1996

In article <3210D7EC.167E at molbio.sbphrd.com> Raymond W Reichard <reichard at molbio.sbphrd.com> writes:
>Dear all,
>I am a new user of Staden... I have compiled our distribution
>on solaris and alpha.   I am trying to use 'makeSCF' to convert an 
>ABI trace file to a SCF trace file.  The program seems to work.  But, when
>I try to examine the file using ted (on bothe solaris and OSF platforms)
>it core dumps.

Ted is now an unsupported product. Please use trev instead.

The problem you have with ted is that it predates the latest version of the
SCF file format. As such it gets confused when it sees a new SCF file. The
solution is either use view the file with trev or to use "makeSCF -2" to
request that the earlier SCF format is used instead. The main advantage to
using the newer SCF format is that it can be compressed using gzip to achieve
an even greater reduction in disk space usage. Gap4 and trev can both view the
compressed file. Please also note that makeSCF is one of the few programs with
a real UNIX 'man' page.

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