makeSCF -abi ABI <tracefile> core dumping...

Raymond W Reichard reichard at molbio.sbphrd.com
Tue Aug 13 14:30:52 EST 1996

Dear all,
I am a new user of Staden... I have compiled our distribution
on solaris and alpha.   I am trying to use 'makeSCF' to convert an 
ABI trace file to a SCF trace file.  The program seems to work.  But, when
I try to examine the file using ted (on bothe solaris and OSF platforms)
it core dumps.  I am able to examine the trace using ted and the
ABI trace file as input.  I have experimented using various command line

Can any body suggest what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you!

Ray Reichard 
Raymond W. Reichard,
Principle Scientific Analyst
Bioinformatics/Advanced Technologies in Genetics
SmithKine Beecham Pharmaceuticals R&D
Phone: (610)270-6041 Fax: (610)270-5580
inet: reichard at molbio.sbphrd.com

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