X-term incompatability

John Quackenbush SHGC 415812-1938 johnq at CROW-T-ROBOT.STANFORD.EDU
Mon May 29 01:00:57 EST 1995

Fellow Staden users,

I've come across a bizzare problem that I'm hoping one of you
might have previously encountered.

I've got Staden running on a Sparc 10 (solaris) and I have
some HP Aptrex X-terms in the lab so that others can use
xgap to assemble and edit sequence.  Everything seems to
work fine, EXCEPT the contig editor. 

The problem with the contig editor is that the asterisk (*)
key (shift+8) doesn't produce an asterisk, but instead appears to
function as a right-arrow ken, moving the cursor without making
any changes.  In fact, 8, shift+8, 9, and shift+9 do exactly this
same thing.

Shift+8 produces an asterisk (and the other keys work) in the other 
X-windows programs I run, including the other x-gap windows, so
I don't think it's an X- problem.  Besides, everything works just fine
on my Sparc 10.

Any assistance you might be able to offer would be appreciated.

John Quackenbush
Stanford Human Genome Center
Stanford University Department of Genetics
855 California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone:	(415) 812-1938
FAX:	(415) 812-1916
WWW: <http://shgc.stanford.edu/~johnq/>

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