ABI software upgrade

Bonfield James jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Fri May 12 02:48:29 EST 1995


Given that there have been two reports so far (Dominique Tremousaygue and Don
Atkinson) about version 2.1.0 of ABI's software I feel we (the package
maintainers) need to look into this. Does anyone out there have some trace
files produced by this version of ABI software that they wouldn't mind sending
to us? Please contact me if so.

[Don Atkinson wrote:]
>our inhouse UNIX apps.  Which makes me wonder whether it is compatible 
>with pregap and/or the other programs in the Staden package.  Is anybody out 
>there using 2.1.0 and do you know if works with the package?

If other apps don't work with the new version, and the new files are indeed of
a different format, then the package will not work with them either.

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