ABI Analysis 2.1 display glitch

Bonfield James jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 03:00:13 EST 1995

Don C. Hutchison wrote:

>I've noticed that when displaying trace files in the contig editor
>mode (of xbap) of files analized by the latest ABI analysis software
>that peaks that would go off the display window are "crushed down"
>rather than "chopped off" making editing more difficult (to say the
>least). Does anyone know a way around this?

By "crushed down" do you mean that the peak that would have been chopped off
is now transposed down to the base line again, hence giving three peaks for
each chopped peak?

Please note that some time ago ABI changed their sample files so that the
range of values used in the chromatagram description changed (from a fixed
0 - 1200 to some other 0 - >1200). We changed our makeSCF software to detect
the highest sample value and scale accordingly, rather than assuming the peak
to be 1200. This could be the cause of your problems, although we've been
shipping the fixed makeSCF since mid July 1994 (1994.1.0, before the gap

Would this be consistent with your findings? If so the solution is to obtain a
new makeSCF from us.

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