Opening a database Part the Second

Ron G Hay ronhay at med.umich.edu
Mon Jan 30 16:04:32 EST 1995

Ok, first I forgot to mention that I'm using xbap from the 1994.0.2 release
of Staden.  Secondly, yes I'm pretty sure that it is a bap database (five
database files).  Thanks for all the ideas, though.

I was just playing around some more with other things in bap and found a few
more symptoms that lead me to believe I am just doing something stupid or 
forgetting to do something.  After being unable to open an existing database,
I tried listing a file, and after typing in a known filename, was told that 
the file didn't exist.  So I tried again using the full pathname, and was
told the same thing.  However, I noticed that there appeared to be a filename
length limit, because if I tried to retype it when asked, the end of the name was chopped off.  So I tried a shorter (full) name and it worked.  
  So, it appears to need the full pathname.  Is this true?

Anyway, after this discovery, I tried to open the database with the full
pathname.  This time I received an 'Error creating BUSY file'.  So, a little
better.  I figure xbap is trying to write the busy file in some default 
directory (which is not the one I ran xbap in).  Oh, and yes, I am running
xbap in the directory that has the database files in question.

So, what am I doing wrong?  


(thanks for all the help again...)

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