xbap/xgap problem

Bonfield James jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 16 03:52:57 EST 1995

Dr. Christoph W. Sensen writes:

>today I have added some more harddisks and therefore changed my
>setup on SUN OS 4.1.3U!
>After everything was ddone, I tried to use 
>xbap (Staden 94-2) and xgap and got the following error-message:
>*** Can't create plot temporary file. Exiting.

This message is caused when the CreatePL() function fails. Looking at this
code (src/staden/plotLog.c) I see:

    PLFileP = fopen(tmpnam(PLFileName), "w+b");
    TFileP  = fopen(tmpnam(TFileName),  "w+");

    if ((PLFileP==NULL) || (TFileP==NULL))

So basically the one of fopen calls fails, probably due to bad disk
permissions when creating the temporary file. Check /tmp and /usr/tmp at a
guess. Alternatively you may wish to run strace, trace or truss (depending on
what you've got on your system) to see precisely which file is being opened
and whether indeed this is causing an error.

Finally, for anyone reading this in a newsgroup, could you please email me the
article number? (I may regret that, but we'll see.) I'm certain that locally
we only appear to receive about half the articles posted. Indeed I frequently
see articles on the mailing list (I'm subscribed to both for this very reason)
that don't show up in the newsgroup.


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