ABI377 Format

Sam Pitluck sam at gener8.lbl.gov
Fri Aug 18 12:30:57 EST 1995

	We have just started using an ABI377 sequencer. The trace
file headers generated by the new software are different from
those created by the older 373 machines. We are using XBAP to
read in our traces. Our version of XBAP is not able to display
these new traces. (TED has no problem with these files.) Does
anyone know if a later version of XBAP (e.g. XGAP) can display
these traces?		Thank You .. Sam

Samuel Pitluck			        |	s_pitluck at lbl.gov
Human Genome Center		        |	voice: 510-486-6317
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory	|	fax: 510-486-5936

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