ALF Traces

whildeb at REV.RE.UOKHSC.EDU whildeb at REV.RE.UOKHSC.EDU
Wed Aug 9 18:22:15 EST 1995

My question concerns analyzing ALF traces with the Staden package. 
Specifically, I have received information from Bruce Roe and Rick Wilsons Web
server stating that ALF traces are not compatible with the Staden TED editor. 
This conflicts with information a group at Berkeley has given me and with a
Nucleic Acids Research article published in 1991 by Simon Dear and Rodger
Staden.  In this article (vol 19, No. 14 pg 3907, 1991) the authors state
"machine readable traces from the ABI 373 and the Pharmacia A.L.F. can be
displayed while the sequences are being edited". My specific questions are:

1.	Are ALF traces compatible with the TED editor?
2.	Are ALF and ABI traces compatible on the TED editor?
3.	Is this the right place to get such questions answered?

Willie Hildebrand, Univ. Oklahoma HSC  Willy-Hildebrand at UOKHSC.edu

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