2nd Notice: Protein Phosphorylation Symposium

John C. Walker walkerj at missouri.edu
Sun Mar 9 11:56:48 EST 2003


The Missouri Plant Biology Symposium: Plant Protein Phosphorylation - 
The 2003 meeting will be held May 28-31, at the University of 
Missouri-Columbia. The topic will be Plant Protein Phosphorylation - 
Dephosphorylation. This is the fifth Missouri Symposium on Plant Protein 
Phosphorylation and is part of an ongoing series of International meetings 
on Protein Phosphorylation in Plants. The Missouri Plant Biology Symposium 
is small, typically 250 attendees, with ~25-30 invited speakers and several 
short talks selected from poster abstracts. We encourage participation of 
young scientists - graduate students, postdocs, and new faculty.
Preference for ORAL presentations will be given to Abstracts received by 
April 4, 2003

Instructions for registration and abstract submission can be found on the 
Missouri Plant Biology Symposium web page.
Please bookmark the Symposium Web page to keep up to date with meeting 

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