growing palnts without sun light

Doron Amedey damedey at ingr.co.il
Mon Nov 8 10:01:32 EST 1999

Hi all.
I have a question, if someone knows even who to write it to I'll
appreciate it.
I want to grow plants in my house, the problem is that I'm hardly at
home during the sun hours and there is darkness in the house and no
way of leaving the house open.
is it possible to grow plants with help of spots, fluorescent light
if so here are my questions
1.) what light spectrum is required?
2.) for how many hours a day (with/ without any break?)
3.) how far from them.
4.) temp. from the spot would it effect the plant?

is there any Internet address that I can read on my q. some data?

please advice.
Doron Amedey
damedey at ingr.co.il

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