PhD position in Plant Cell Biology

carin carin.jarl at plantcell.lu.se
Mon Mar 15 20:31:59 EST 1999

  PhD position in Plant Cell Biology: 
Genetic transformation to study signalling between plants and microorganisms. 
  This project will study genes involved in response and signalling
pathways of plants infected with symbiotic or pathogenic microorganisms.
Antisense and sense vectors will be constructed with genes involved in the
pathogenic response. Those vectors will be used in transformations of
different barley lines as well as of the legumes clover and goat’s rue. The
nodulation process in legumes is studied in a related project, with which
this project will cooperate. The methods to be used in this project are
cell and tissue culture, plant transformation, molecular biological methods
for vector construction and analysis of the transformants, e.g. PCR, and
differential display. Biochemical methods for protein studies will also be
used for the analysis of transformed plants. As a PhD student you will
primarily be involved in your own studies and research. You will however
also be engaged in teaching and general tasks of the department. In Plant
Cell Biology we use the plant cell to study fundamental biological topics.
We have modern well-equipped laboratories for recombinant DNA work, tissue
culture, protein purification and spectroscopy. Regulations for the
employment can be found in SFS 1995:938. Students with a relevant
background in biology/molecular biology and a strong commitment to research
are encouraged to send in an application to Registrator, Kansli MN, Lund
University, P O Box 118, 221 00 Lund, Sweden, Ref nr 177. The application
should contain this ref no, a curriculum vitae, names and addresses of
referees, copies of exams and study certificates as well as other relevant
documents. The application must be received no later than March 31st, 1999. 
  Information: Dr Carin Jarl-Sunesson, tel: +46-46-2220124, fax:
+46-46-2223684, email: carin.jarl at plantcell.lu.se. See also our homepage:

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