Request for Studentship to undertake research on plant signal

Danladi Dada Kuta d.kuta.asp at agro.pfu.edu.ru
Sun Jan 17 13:07:42 EST 1999

    I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. research  program in Moscow, Russia,
on:  " signal transduction during  incompatible interaction of rice callus
tissue and ". Specifically, I am interested in the role of calcium ions, 
reactive oxygen species and salicylic acid in plant disease resistance 
response.  I  would be grateful to receive a three-month research
studentship this year (1999)  in any Western laboratory, undertaking
research in the area of plant signal  transduction. This opportunity will
enable me get acquiented with the  laboratories in the West and improve my
experience in the area of plant signal  transduction. It will also provide
for combined publications in a reputal  journal with scientists of such
laboratories. I await offers from you, Sir. Thank you. Danladi Dada Kuta 

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