Looking for 'nod' and 'vir' genes

Sigal Lechno lechns at rpi.edu
Wed Jan 14 07:16:04 EST 1998


I am currently pursuing research on the association between the water
fern, Azolla and the filamentous nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium,
Anabaena.  At this time, I am particularly interested in studying the
expression of genes that may be important in the establishment and
maintenance of symbioses.  I am therefore writing to enquire as to
whether some of you would be willing to send me the genes  such as 'vir'
from Agrobacterium spp. and/or 'nod' from Rhizobium spp in order to use
them for heterologous hybridization.  I thank you in advance for your
cooperation and if any one of you possess these genes, please contact me
by email at lechns at rpi.edu.
My departmental address is:
Sigal Lechno
Biology Dept (MRC 335)
Rensselaer Polytech. Inst.,
Troy, NY 12180-3590,

Sincerely, Sigal

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