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Post Doctoral Position on Wall Associated Receptor Kinases
Bruce Kohorn, Duke University.

Postdoctoral position to study a family  of Cell wall-associated
receptor-like protein kinases, Waks (Wall Associated Kinase), which appear
to be receptors that exchange signals between the extracellular and
intracellular compartments of Arabidopsis. Molecular analyses of Wak
proteins reveale that they are ubiquitously expressed and have a
transmembrane domain that separates two regions. The amino-terminal,
extracytoplasmic domain is tightly associated with the ECM and contains
several repeats homologous to vertebrate epidermal growth factor (EGF),  a
motif found in many proteins involved in extracellular interactions . The
different Wak isoforms also contain in their extracellular domains limited
amino acid identities to the tenascin superfamily, the neurexins, or
extensins. The carboxyl region of all the Waks encode a cytoplasmic
serine/threonine protein kinase, and can interact with a cytoplasmic type
2C protein phosphatase. A disruption of one Wak gene is lethal,
demonstrating their importance. One other family member is required for a
cell  to survive during the pathogen response. Experiments will include
molecular, biochemical and microscopic analysis, and applicants with any or
all of the relevant experiences may apply. For more information please see
the Kohorn Web site; http://www.botany.duke.edu/DCMB/faculty/KOHORN.HTM.
Applicants should include a CV and names of three referees. (Duke Univ.  is
an equal opportunity employer).

Bruce D. Kohorn
Developmental, Cell and Molecular Biology
LSRC, Rm.  B353
Duke University, Durham, NC 27708
tel  919 613 8182
fax 919 613 8177

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