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Some of you may be interested in taking this course:

Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics

Organizers: Kathy Barton, Jane Glazebrook, and Eric Lam

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
July 3 - 23, 1998
Application Deadline: March 15, 1998

This course provides an intensive overview of topics in plant growth and
development, focusing on molecular genetic approaches to understanding
plant biology. It emphasizes recent results from Arabidopsis thaliana and
other model plants and provides an introduction to current methods used in
Arabidopsis research. It is designed for scientists with experience in
molecular techniques or in plant biology who wish to work with Arabidopsis.
The course consists of a vigorous lecture series, a hands-on laboratory,
and informal discussions. Discussions of important topics in plant research
will be presented by the instructors and by invited speakers. these
seminars will include plant anatomy; plant development (including
development of flowers, roots, meristems, embryos and the epidermis);
perception of light and photomorphogenesis; responses to pathogens and to
other environmental stresses; synthesis and function of secondary
metabolites and hormones; ion channels and transport; and macromolecular
trafficking. Lectures describing bioinformatics tools available to the
Arabidopsis community, and the effect of the Arabidopsis genome project in
accelerating Arabidopsis research will also be included. Speakers will
provide overviews of their fields, followed by in-depth discussions of
their own work. The laboratory sessions will provide an introduction to
important techniques currently used in Arabidopsis research. These include
studies of Arabidopsis development, mutant analysis, studies of epidermal
features, in situ detection of RNA, histochemical staining, transient gene
expression, detection and analysis of plant pathogens, applications of
green fluorescent protein fusions, techniques commonly used in genetic and
physical mapping, and map-based cloning.

Speakers include: Sarah Assmann, Tony Bleecker, Winslow Briggs, Anne Britt,
Clint Chapple, Michael Cherry, Vitaly Citovsky, Steven Clark, William
Crosby, Nancy Dengler, Fumiaki Katagiri, Robert Last, Hong Ma, Robert
Martienssen, Daphne Preuss, Eric Richards, Steve Rounsley, John
Schiefelbein, Ronald Sederoff, Athanasios Theologis, Detlef Weigel, Susan

The cost of the course is $2,395.  Food and lodging are included.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory encourages you to apply online via the Web.
See their home page at http://nucleus.cshl.org/meetings/index.htm  Text
versions of application forms and course information will be e-mailed to
you on request by contacting meetings at cshl.org.  Please do not send any
application materials directly to me.

Jane Glazebrook

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